November 26th, 2007

okay now that i have heard back

I got the apartment.

2533 appledown dr
Cary NC 27513

I will be arriving on Saturday at around 4 pm(preferably sooner). I will have one car load of stuff to unload and I will be willing to offer food to those who help. The down side is it is a 3rd floor walk up but it being only a car full of stuff vary little of it will be big or problematic or even time consuming. The building I am moving into is apparently next to Brandes so it should be relatively easy to find for locals.

okay that load is off my mind, now back to packing!!!!

And my elation is smashed flat and buried by the follow up.

So the apartment complex is requesting 2 months rent as security deposit ON TOP OF the first months rent. This is daunting to say the least. I can probably squeeze it together. Total pay out has gone up to just over 1900 dollars not including the renters insurance (which is required) and hooking up utilities. I would look elsewhere, but I have less than a week to find something better. If I had known they were going to pull this at the start I would have looked elsewhere. I originally looked at this place for due to nearness to work, residents who are friends, and it was actually about as cheap as I could find for the monthly rent. If however I had known it was going to cost me that much to move in I would have done something else.

Now I don’t have much choice. I can check and see if there is something else but in less than a weeks time I really doubt I can find anything. What is more it is likely a number of apartments will give me the same or similar routine. I am I guess paying for my past sins. My credit rating sucks. I am trying to rebuild it but there is always something else.


I am so stressed out about this and the packing I am about to explode. It will be all good once things get resolved and I am settled and all of that but this is breaking my head till then.
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