November 30th, 2007

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Scheduled items.

Go get Cashiers check for the apartment payment.
Drop some things off at grandma's
Hit Casual Male and get some pants.
Back to the bunker and pack.
and pack some more
and still more packing.
help Joe get the couch out.
More packing
Then go to grandma's
do laundry and then crash there.

get up.
load the last bits in car
be out of oak ridge by 9
go to Woodbridge apartments(hopefully between 3 and 4, maybe earlier if I make good time)
pay for apartment and get key to fitness center
Unpack the car
go to dinner with friends.
Maybe go see a movie.

get up and unpack.
hit walmart or equivilent and get fold up table and chair and groceries
come back to apartment
more set up of stuff
nebulous do stuff
when evening arrives go to bed.

get up early and go work out
be at work by 9

crazy weekend.

(no subject)

okay kids. I am disconnecting the computer and the cable. The house phone is out and internet connection will be spotty for a week as I wait for it to be hooked up at the new place next weekend. My cell phone is 865-604-3392. It will be on me most of the time. If you have a nutty idea about coming to help move tonight I wont turn it down. I will be sleeping and the grand parents place tonight and doing laundry there. I will check email and lj there. I am leaving out first thing in the morning for Cary. Till than my peeps wish me luck.

TechNoir logging off

end of line.