December 12th, 2007

how does he do it.

How does one of the most talentless and hated directors in hollywood keep getting great people to be in his movies. Uwe Boll is a talentless hack, but some how he keeps selling his films.

Okay Jason Statham is not an acting giant but look at some of the other names involved.

John Rhys-Davies
Ray Liotta
Matthew Lillard
Leelee Sobieski
Burt Reynolds(as the afore mentioned king, WTF)
Ron Perlman
Claire Forlani

Non of these folks suck. Okay Mathew Lillard can be annoying at times but he does not suck. Ray Liotta was in Goodfellas damn it. And Burt Reynolds as the king? Where the hell did that come from. It is a Uwe Boll film so it is going to suck. Did any of these actors not know that?