December 15th, 2007

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I am stuck at home. I went to the christmas party with friends and went to ian and springs after for wine. I left my car at work and did not drive it back cause well I had drank some and I dont drink after driving. I lost my cell phone though which means I have no ones number to get someone to run me to the office. I tried walking over to brandes's place but he wasnt home. Eventually I will go get the car but this is annoying. Mental note, compile all phone numbers somewhere other than the cell phone.

I have gotten my skype in number set up though and it is 9198097375.

oh well it will be figured out.

edit: Issue resolved. Brandes was the greater slept when I went by.


I have been playing Wow again. Call it market research. I am on Drenden as Lanorial in the horde and Whisperwind as Alstrom which is in alliance. I am trying to expand my experiences. I may play other characters as well but i will concentrate on these servers.