December 18th, 2007

this is where things stand

I live and breath.

Work is still fun and very very busy. My brain is almost totally occupied the entire time I am there with what I am doing. It is in a lot of ways the hardest job I have ever had, but it also the most fun I have had on the job at the same time. I like who I am working for and who I am working with and am expected to be a professional.

My other stuff is going alright. I am hanging out a lot with folks up here. I have been to a couple of parties. I hung with my homies and the like. I am trying to get back on track on my writing and hitting the gym with less success. I am slowly getting back in to the groove with both of them. I have been thinking of putting together a World of Darkness game sometime in january. It will be a Dark Carnival story. Along the lines of Carnival and something wicked this way comes, where the pc's are drawn into the Luke Cote's Carnival of Wonders and travel with the canival from place to place on the shadow side of america. It Should be interesting. So far sheildhaven has shown some interest in playing.

I am driving back to oak ridge on Saturday to pick up more stuff and see the grandfolk for Christmas. I will be driving back on either Christmas eve or Christmas day. Fun fun fun. I dont know but I think most folks will be hanging with their friends during that time so I will probably not see the gang on this trip. Shame that.

New Years i will be up here on my own. A good portion of the folks I know up here will be in ATL during that time. I would go but I cant justify that much driving back to back like that. I might seek local parties but driving on new years in a strange town does not sound like fun to me. I may just do the holiday on my own.

I am trying to get the whole license and registration change done this week. I have history of running afoul of such things so I want it done and over with.

All in all life is good. I will be glad when I can start paying back the folks who helped me get here.