January 2nd, 2008

The new and the old

So New Years here and resolutions abound. I am not one to try and make resolutions I cant keep. Instead I am setting some reasonable and good goals as my resolutions.

First to get back on the fitness train. I had not been to the gym near as much since moving. I am going to put that in the daily agenda. So far at least that is working out. I am going to try and get my energy levels back up there and my eating back under control. I also would like to finally do something I have talked about wanting to do for years, namely some formal Martial Arts training. I am not making that last one a resolution but something I would like to do once things get settled more.

Second, I am going to write something at least 5 days a week. I am not saying everyday cause there are always circumstances that can legitimately interfere, but 5 days a week is achievable. It can be poetry, stuff for podcasts, or words towards my novel which will be finished this year damn it. I am just going to keep writing cause I need something creative in my life.

Third and final goal is to try and become less self conscious. I fear getting my picture taken. I am afraid to ask people out. I am essentially in a lot of ways am to self conscious for my own good. It is something I want to deal with this year. I am not completely sure how yet but I want to become more confident in myself.

Anyways thats the new years plans.

As to the year that is past, I can say it did not suck. I am in fact rather pleased with how it turned out. I want this year to be as always, better than the last.