January 28th, 2008


Came across this little bit today. Apparently this group calling themselves Anonymous have declared all out war on the Church of Scientology. They have already begun some pretty heavy assaults on Scientology websites. They apparently have a comprehensive plan which they actually posted on this site.


Now I am torn on this. On the one hand they are right. Scientology has been an pretty reprehensible for a while now. They have sued people for sharing internal church documents and dogma, they have threatened and bullied people who publicly mocked their religion, and there are some pretty bad cases where people who got involved with the church appear to have been taken advantage of and in some cases died under their "care".

I personally find the church a sham and bordering on being dangerous.

That said I am pretty strongly in support of people being able to worship however they see fit. Faith is a personal matter and people should be left alone to it.

I am watching this and part of me is cheering. Another part of me fears the day groups like this decide to go after me or something I am apart of.

Anyways I found it interesting and I will be watching this. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Today was not wasted

I spent my creative time tonight auditioning for 8 open roles(which I have been slacking on) and recording lines for Dixie Stenberg. I have a segment to do this week for Joss'd and the rest of the time is all my personal creative projects.

I also have started doing some calisthenics and stretching exercises tonight as well. All in all not to bad.

As the Hobo god says. "let the day not be wasted."