February 5th, 2008

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As some of you know I like my british television. Doctor Who, Torchwood, Jekyll, and Johnathan Creek a few of the shows from the BBC I have enjoyed over the past few years.

A while back A&E got the rights to air a show called Spooks over in england but here it is called MI-5. This is another show to become obsessed with. It is not unlike a police procedural like CSI except it is about spies. It also does not fuck around. At times it is hard and brutal to serve the purposes of the story. It is not done salaciously. Not horror movie brutality but sometimes bad things happen to people and they don't back away from that.

I have been watching the show streaming from the Netflix site as you can do that now for free. I have been throughly impressed. The characters are multi dimensional and flawed in some ways. There are no superheroes here calling them selves spies.

It also attracts so cool guest stars. I have watched the whole first season and started the second. They have had in the short first season Hugh Laurie(House) and Anthony Stewart Head(Giles from buffy).

All in all if you have not seen this show and you entertain notions that you enjoy spy stories at all then I recommend you make a point of watching this show.