February 8th, 2008

in response to poisongirl

So why is poisongirl cool?

She is the queen of geek as sexy. For one thing it is a smile. The smile of sin she has. it is dark, worldly, and sardonic. it is the smile that makes men and women both nervous and interested. That smile has made so many weak but also can just cheer you up being near it. For another she is unashamed and unabashed at being the geek she is. She reads, she games, and she seems to prefer the company of geeks.

All in all she is to cool for school, man.

i am glad to say i know her.

in reply to Gosamyr

Ah gosamyr

Why is she so cool. Let see.....

The problem is there are too many reasons. It would be hard to catalog them all.

Here are some.

happiness and joy she gives her friends.
Her ability to be elegant and giddy all at the same time.
Eyes that seem to draw people in.
her optimism
naked dark elf suit
She makes an effort to make the people around her happy.

These are a few reasons to me why she is brilliant.


So I decided a while back my support was for Obama. I reviewed his positions. I dont agree with him on everything but if I waited for that I would never vote for anyone. He did however actually make me believe.

I think my friend Cherie is a genius.

Stay with me on this.

I have known Cherie since my days hanging out at Cafe Tazza in Chattanooga. Now beyond the fact that she is stunningly beautiful, She sticks out for another reason. She is really quite brilliant at the written word. She has a few books out now and is well on her way to being a successful writer. Someday i will be able to point to her and say I use to hang out with her before she got famous.

Now all of that said. She recently attended a rally for Obama in the Seattle area. She wrote an excellent account of the rally and better described why people like me support him.

you should go read it here.