February 10th, 2008

in response to Billy

Why is digital_avatarcool?

Let see. Guppy though he is, he greets the good and the bad with the same energy. some will say I have had a hard life and truth be told I may agree some, But Billy has had a rougher one. Things ain't always gone easy with him, but every time he manages and with a joke or smile to boot. He is someone I miss a great deal cause he is awesome.

Anyway that is why I think he is the coolest Guppy in town.

Why is Marie awesome?

We all know baeyear is brilliant.

She is first and fore most the picture of loyalty. Truely she is person i think when someone mentions the word. She is kind and good to people. She is giving even when she does not have much to give. She is one of those people who is the rock to all those who know her. The world is right when you know that there is a Marie. Accept no substitutes. I miss her and wish I saw her more but I take comfort that she is always there.