March 2nd, 2008

todays totals.

I also went walking for a few hours this afternoon at the mall. I did a couple of laps. I felt setting a walking pace that was not as forced as the treadmill might be better for me getting back on an exercise schedule. I will eventually get back on the treadmills but I want it to not hurt me to do so.

Item Grams Calories
Sat, Mar 01 2008
B Honey Nut Cheerios 75 295
General Tso's Chicken - Chinese & Asian/Meals 844
A- Revive Fruit Punch - vitaminwater 600 125
Hi C Pink Lemonade 192
C- Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Prepared From Recipe - Made With Butter 28 137
A Carrots 61 25
B+ SoBe Adrenaline Rush - Sobe Adrenaline Rush 246 140
Total Calories Consumed 1,757