March 12th, 2008

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I need to start shifting the larger meals earlier and smaller meals later. It is something to work on. In other news i did 20 push ups tonight.

Meal optional
Weight grams
Serving Values Values per 100g
Calories kcal
Tot Fat grams
Saturated Fat grams
Trans Fat grams
Cholesterol mg
Sodium mg
Potassium mg
Tot Carbohydrate grams
Sugars grams
Fiber grams
Protein grams
Alcohol grams
Daily Value % Actual Values
Vitamin A % DV Vitamin C % DV
Calcium % DV Iron % DV
Vitamin D % DV Vitamin E % DV
Thiamin % DV Riboflavin % DV
Niacin % DV Vitamin B6 % DV
Vitamin B12 % DV Pantothenic Acid % DV
Phosphorus % DV Magnesium % DV
Selenium % DV Manganese % DV
Zinc % DV

Item Grams Calories
Tue, Mar 11 2008
D+ Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit - Breakfast Items 284 823
B+ SoBe Adrenaline Rush - Sobe Adrenaline Rush 246 140
B- Thai Style Chicken & Rice Noodles 255 260
A Carrots 128 53
A Carrots 128 53
A Oranges 131 62
C- Keebler Sandies Mini Pecan 45 240
Captain's Wafers 14 70
Captain's Wafers 14 70
A Oranges 180 85
B Beef, Ground, 95% Lean Meat / 5% Fat, Crumbles - Cooked, Pan-browned 385 743
C- Monterey Jack Cheese 84 300
Total Calories Consumed 2,897

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Well I don't guess i will be going to the event after all. Sorry about that but a sudden financial "thing" came up and making a drive to Atlanta is out of the cards.

Hope everyone has fun at the event.

edit: let me revise. It is possible I may still make it but it is a lot more tight than I wanted. I have other things going on as well that is making me somewhat stressed right now.