March 19th, 2008

Why I love movies, especially with good talky bits.

the lovely Aetatis had asked me to post about movies and why love the ones I do so much.

See here is the thing. Some people play video games for their escapism. Tabletop and larp games are a creative and social outlet for me. Movies though, they are my escape. Don't get me wrong I love a good book as well, but a book requires some investment of time and energy. It is worth it a lot of the time but a book is something that will take you a while.

A movie is two to three hours of pure no work escape. I turn off the rest of the world for a movie. I am not one of those folks who likes to talk through movies. I get excited sure but no talking. I am constantly afraid I will miss something. I am a movie nut and I have been since I was a kid. I don't remember the first movie I ever saw, but I can tell you the ones that left their mark on me. Everyone of them had brilliant speeches and dialog in them.

I love me some star wars and star trek don't get me wrong, but give me a His girl Friday or the sweet smell of success over them any day. It is the words you see. I can close my eyes and hear the dialog in my head. I have always loved the power of words. Most folks talk a lot and use a lot of words but a brilliant bit of dialog or monologue will change how you look at the world. The movies I love are all brilliant in the language they use. Casablanca has some of the most memorable dialog ever in film.

I don't know why I love words so much I guess it comes from my dad was a newspaper editor. He made me appreciate the words we use with hours and hours of argument and discussion when I was growing up. It is a shame I am not as good at the use of words as I would like to be.

Anyways thats why my favorite films usually have some brilliant use of language in them.

That is not to say I cant enjoy a dumb shoot em up as well, but that is different.