March 22nd, 2008

the incredible hulk

So the thing with comic book tv shows, they don't do well usually.

I like Smallville well enough. It is good maybe 1 episode out of 4 and the Lex Luthor stuff is premium, but there are not a whole lot more. The batman show of the 60's was expressly done as a farce making fun of the comic. The Spiderman live action show was painful. For the most part if the show was not animated it was a flop except for the Incredible Hulk. I can't say what made the show work. Looking back on it, the show had some bad 70's stuff to it. Also there were the few silly moments but over all the show was really good. The sort of deep sadness to show as carried by Bill Bixby certainly had a lot to do with the show being as good as it was.

Anyways Hulu had some of the first season so I thought I would share the pilot.