March 28th, 2008


For those interested in such I just finished writing chapter 6 of my novel and have started on chapter 7. It is tough going at times but I wrote almost 650 words tonight and over a thousand last night. I am getting back int he grove of it after taking a break. Organizing the book in yWriter 4 did help some to restart my brain and that is good. I am torn on trying to persue the traditional route of publishing once I am done and it is all editied and the like or going for the new model of podcasting the book. I may be putting the cart before the horse though. First finish the book and then figure it out.

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Game geeks of various stripes.

I just got through watching the finale of Jericho, which was really pretty good...if they were going to continue the show. I was thinking it would be interesting to run a Jericho game. Basically an early post apocalyptic game. Rather than the whole world has turned to crap and there are ZOMBIES everywhere, a more of the world is shaken and individuals have to take a stand try and rebuild. The concept of a game set in the second American civil war that is described at the end of Jericho could be really compelling.

The question is what system do you do a game like that? You don't want to go to rules light cause well the combat that happens should be more believable than a lot of rules light systems might reflect. I am looking for different peoples takes on the idea. It may not happen mind you but I am thinking about it.

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Goals for the weekend.

Clean the apartment more.

write 2000 words on the novel and finish chapter 7.

Write and post the last playing in Joss's world segment.

Clean the car completely.

script the next episode of Basics of the Game.

Record Dixie lines.

relax a little.