May 22nd, 2008

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I have received word Robert Asprin died today from a few sources though none of them news sources. I am sad to hear this and hope it is one of those internet rumor things. Myth Conceptions was one of the first books I can remember made me laugh out loud.

(no subject)

So there is this guy named JC Hutchins. He is pretty awesome as a writer and podcaster. Now he has received a certain amount of fame. Being a little famous means you get some interesting things in the mail. I have been talking to him off on and on for years so he is not a stranger to me at all.

So he received something interesting in the mail.

It looks to be an ARG or Alternate Reality Game.

Later on in the day some one posted him this link after a google search. I know my friends well so I know some of you will eat this up.