May 29th, 2008

A bit of time for cataloging.

I am need track personal projects a little better. It is good to list things sometimes and assess where you are.

Novel, Jackson James and the Fastest Dead Man.... Still in process. I am about a third of the way through. I am getting back into my grove there with regular visits to a local coffee shop for writing time.

The Basics of the Game...I have my next few review subjects picked out. The next one will almost write itself as it is an old familiar one. Gencon will be a source of fodder for the podcast as well.

Voice acting with various....I have some outstanding lines which will be recorded this weekend I think or early next week.

Audiodrama I am working with Comic_monkey on....I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into this. Once we get some preliminary things done it should come quickly writing wise.

World of Hallow....My 4th edition setting is mostly planned out I just need to fill in some details and work on the system side of it a bit more. Once 4th edition comes out I will play test the setting and see what people think before I get to much written. I need some concept art for it and I am not certain I have sufficient skill.

miscellaneous writing projects...I need to write another thing for Geekstate. Maybe I could clean up my game reviews as well and post them there as well in text. Jossd I have an idea for a segment on comics Joss Whedon worked on but I need to make time to write and record it. I have some short stories I need to clean up and submit places. I need to write one more in the next month or three. I want to do another short story before the end of the summer.

Seems like a lot when you look at it all listed there.

As to larping, I am looking forward to Kings Gate. I am very strongly tempted to try out a local nero chapter to meet new people and get something different in the mix. I considered Portals but adding yet another more than 5 hour drive larp to the mix really is not a good idea.

Work is still eating my brain, but in a good way.

that is most everything.