June 14th, 2008

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Okay this morning I have discovered the joy which is The Big Bang Theory. I tend to not react well to shows built on making fun of geeks, but I have to say this show is really charming and funny. Is it bad occasionally I find myself wanting the correct the characters on the science or geeky obsessions?

On to my geeky obsessions. I am having a seriously low floon for larping at the moment. I feel like I am so out of it. I am suffering a bit from some low self image problems which really is not compatible with playing a confident swordsman. Also the expense of the trip is an issue. If I have to do the trip on my own I won't be going. $4/gallon means I am not making long drives for a while. I am trying to fight my floon problems but part of me is wanting to say fuck it and not go.

oh well enough rambling.

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To further expound on my enjoyment of The Big Bang Theory, I decided to show a sample of their humor. I picked this one because if I have not had this discussion, I have had one just like it.