July 1st, 2008

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a few key things I have discovered on exercise and dieting.

When I workout in the morning I may feel better but I am ravenously hungry for meat or the like if I push myself hard during the workout. This makes it more likely I will hit the fast food in the morning rather than get some cereal. That will probably settle down once I am back to being used to the routine.

Also I cannot bring myself to workout if I have a headache. I can do it with aches and pains. Even feeling a little under the weather I can at least go for a walk but this morning I woke up with an epic headache and I cant bring myself to go to the gym and workout.

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Occasionally I have to remind myself that human beings are remarkable creatures. For all of our horrors and petty evils, we really do remarkable things. This is a man who wanted wings to fly with so he built them. Watching him fly is awesome. We truly live in a scifi world. A nice thought before I sleep.