July 13th, 2008

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So I have become a big fan of the show the Middleman. I caught it from the first episode and it really is quite funny and cool. The clip below is indicative of some of the humor.

The basics of the show are this. Wendy Watson, a struggling art school grad, through odd circumstance comes to work for the Middleman. The Middleman is mysterious figure who protects the world from even finding out that all the villainous types you might find in a comic book actually exist. Every episode they go around saving the city or the world from evil. All the while they are super witty and cool doing so. There is a lot more too it than that. The supporting characters are awesome. The tech is fun. Think of it as a modern Get Smart with a more comic book flavor to it and a dry wit.

Also the show is filled with little easter eggs for the geeks to find. For instance the Middleman walks up to some police and presents his cover id as Doctor Emmit Brown of the Hill Valley Institute. The airport they pick up someone from is named after teh founder of the Church of the Subgenius. The Hospital is named after two doctors in the movie The Man with Two Brains. The shows geek culture references are all pretty solid and more than a little eclectic.

and a few quotes.

The Middleman: Special Agent Watson, slacking off the dress code, I see.
Wendy: Oh, I don't do dress code after sundown.
The Middleman: It's bad apples like you that put Mr. Hoover in a dress.

Wendy: So all those temp jobs really were Hell on Earth.
The Middleman: What do you mean?
Wendy: It was a joke. You know, because this is supposed to look like the Underworld but instead looks like a boring old office building.
The Middleman: Sands of Zanzibar, you see an office building?
Wendy: Yeah, you don't?
The Middleman: I see a field, wild, overgrown, barbaric. Look, over there, a feral rabbit.
Wendy: Seriously?
The Middleman: No, I see an office building.
Wendy: Wow, somebody's funny in the Underworld.

The Middleman: Well la-di-da, Dubbie. You must be mistaking the Clan of the Pointed Stick for one of the rational societies of paranoid celibate martial artists.