August 10th, 2008

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The exercise was a walk though not treadmilled. I had errands to run today that involved a fair amount of walking. The calories are up but still below goal but only barely. I will endeavor to keep them lower tomorrow.

Upside, still going down in the weight.

Downside, I am not moving right still. The knee is part of that and also there is a weird sort of loss of balance. I think the tension in my lower back is hurting my balance. I have been stiff in the lower back ever since I started working out again. Last time it took a few weeks to loose that tension so I might as well bear up.

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Save Rocky Horror

Okay so Rocky Horror has long been an institution in geek culture in particular and general pop culture as well. It was made in 1975. Since then it has ruled the midnight showings of theaters around the world. In 2005, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

here is one of the more iconic bits from it.

Well all of that said and shown, it is in danger sort of. MTV which has managed to stop being interesting to any one older than 15, has decided they want to do a remake. If this were a less civilized age I would simply find those guilty and feed them to the crows a piece at a time. That is not an option of course so I settle for the petition. Sign it and pass it around. Maybe we can make them come to their senses before it is too late.

Stop the Remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The news I have been following this morning.

Things have gotten worse in the war in Georgia. It started with the conflict in the Ossetia region. The Russian encouraged separatists in the region announced their intention to leave the Georgian Republic. Russia has taken the view that the Ossetians are Russian. When the Georgians
moved in to put down the separatists, the Russians attacked. To further escelate things the Russian offensive has encouraged another section of Georgia called Abkhazia to rise up. This may have been do to Russia putting troops in that region "to assist in stabilizing the region".

The Georgian Interior Ministry claimed that Russia had moved 6000 soldiers into South Ossetia by land and another 4000 into Abkhazia by sea, all preparing to attack at dawn. The Georgians have pulled back from the Ossetian city of Tskhinvali and are moving more troops to the northern section of Georgia where to the two fronts are. The Russians have moved a fleet into the Black Sea to support the war. Pretty much everyone agrees more than 2000 people are dead in roughly 3 days of fighting. That number will probably go up drastically when it is safe to go into certain area. The Russians are painting this as a humanitarian mission. Vladimir Putin is accusing the Georgians of genocide though there is no credible evidence of that. There is some evidence though some folks on both sides are doing some pretty brutal things. Georgia is reported to have burned down a church with rebels in it. The Russians have been accused of targeting Georgian civilian centers.

It is pretty clear the Georgians are out matched here. None of their allies are willing to send them troops to help cause they have their own problems and getting involved in a war with Russia is just a bad plan. It may turn into another Chechnya. I can't think Turkey will be happy about this. Having yet another neighboring state in open conflict tends to make a nation nervous, and they have plenty to worry about with Iraq as a neighbor.

All in all this is a tragedy. There will be many many people killed. It will all be muddled and complicated. In the end I don't think anyone will win and no one is really in the right here.

and another down

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Isaac Hayes, the pioneering singer,
songwriter and musician whose relentless "Theme From
Shaft" won Academy and Grammy awards, died Sunday
afternoon, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office said. He
was 65.

A family member found him unresponsive near a
treadmill and he was pronounced dead an hour later at
Baptist East Hospital in Memphis, according to the
sheriff's office. The cause of death was not
immediately known.