August 17th, 2008

the me being an idiot story from Gencon.

Made it to the grandparents place in Oak Ridge earlier tonight. I will drive back tomorrow. Lunch plans to come after i speak to folks tomorrow.

Now the story as requested.

So i went to the ENnies. It is, for those of my faithful readers who don't know, an award for Role playing games. Two of the big winners were Changeling:the Lost and Star Wars Saga edition. In the first part of the presentation each of them picked up some awards. Intermission came. In the intermission I found one of the guys who made it on stage and and congratulated the guy for Changeling win. I went on about the game how I really enjoyed it. Told him some amusing anecdotes. All the while he begged off like he was uncomfortable. I wondered about that but chalked it up to nerves or not being used to strangers stopping him like that.

I made my way back into the show and sat down.

This is where I realized my error. The man who I congratulated was Chris Perkins, the designer of Star Wars Saga edition and not Ethan Skemp the designer of Changeling. After the awards ceremony I walked up and apologized. I said to him "I am sorry. I was not actually being rude....merely stupid."

He was gracious and laughed about it.

Thats my being an idiot story GenCon.

now good night.