August 20th, 2008

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Went to bed and realized i had forgot to post totals. Back on the daily count again.

Weight 428.4

Getting back in the diet swing.

Another day down a few hundred to go.

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So a couple of notes.

Today helped resolve a problem at work I discovered so I am rather pleased with that. Actually work can be quite stressful at times but overall I love my job. I feel like I have accomplished something at the end of the day so you can't beat that.

On the personal projects front....I have the podcast project which I am trying to get set for me to go to the podiobooks people with it. I feel like I am behind on this though really I am not. I have my own personal podcast which I have audio on my home machine, but I need to go through them and edit as well as add intros, outros, and promos. I do have 8 solid interviews loaded though so good times. I have not written on my book in a month. I need too. Is it weird I lost interest in writing my silly little superhero murder mystery after watching Dark Knight. It is like I watched that said to myself "I can never do any thing this cool." I need to get past that I know. As to Hallow I am still messing with it. I am getting more of a bug to write on it. I am excited about a project a friend of mine told me about today. It looks like it is off in the right direction at least. I am pleased to be asked to contribute in any way there.

I have some outstanding lines for Dixie that came during gencon but I should get them done in short order. I liked the direction of the past few scripts for dixie. They made Whithersby seem more human which is cool.

All in all I still feel like I am recovering from the con though. Fun fun fun.

todays totals.

I came in at 429.4

I am not a fan of upward trends. I will confess to being really hungry today as well. I need to enforce more discipline there. I am not feeling very energetic of late since getting back. PArt of that is not getting a good nights sleep. So i am off to bed now. ciao.
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the passing of a fine actor.

He was no Pacino or anything but Julius Carry entertained me every time I saw him on the screen. His performance in The Last Dragon is part of the pop culture lexicon for a lot of us. I will always like the character of Lord Bowler on Brisco County jr. He apparently lost his battle with Pancreatic cancer according to a few sources including IMDB and wikipedia. That is a shame.

This is the first thing I can remember seeing him in. That character while being the bad guy was really more interesting to watch than the would be hero. Certainly more memorable.