August 25th, 2008

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You should go here ...

You should by this book. Why might you ask? Because it is made of awesome. Because the story is good and the writer, a miss Mur Laferty, is made of win. She first podcast the novel and accumulated a number of fans. This lead to the book deal. She is one of a new breed of writers proving there is another model for success in writing and it is really exciting.

"But the book," you may ask. "What is it about?"

Good question. You are the clever one.

The book is about what happens in a world of super powers, to all the folks with mere normal abilities. Not flying or superhuman strength but the power to know exactly what food someone wants or the power to keep things from being taken from you. Not quite extraordinary enough to be heroes. These folks, called third wavers, get shunned by the heroes and discounted by the public.

Then one day everything depends on one of them. Playing for Keeps is about how they deal with that day.

Pretty cool huh.

now go and buy it.

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Downward trends are good. Working out in the morning also good. Trying to ramp up to where I was pre gencon and seem to be doing so. So I am uber annoyed I am not going to dragoncon but I will confess it is nice thought to do Dragoncon next year hopefully 100 to 150 pounds lighter. That may be crazy talk bu8t it is a good plan. For now I am hoping to loose enough weight to feel the difference in the flight I have to take in the middle of September. Let me say to those of you who have no context, flying is uncomfortable for those of us who are more than portly. The flight from Atlanta to England a few years ago was interminable. Luckikly the flight to texas is shorter. I would like to be a little more comfortable during it though.

oh well here is todays totals.

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