September 4th, 2008

The Political post

All the kids are doing it.

So one stop shopping for actual beliefs. I know I argue stuff I don't believe from time to time. This is my way of exploring things. That said my actual political beliefs are as follows.

My privacy is not to be sacrificed to make you feel safe. I should not have to worry about warrantless searches, wiretaps, or reading of my email. I should not have to be made to feel like I am a criminal if I want to travel.

Freedom of speech is not to be sacrificed for peoples desire to have me raise their kids. They don't need to be protected from evil video games. Comics are a medium for adults as well and no one should say I can't read of adult matters. TV is not there to raise your kids. It does not all need to be as harmless as disney.

Information is meant to be available. The internet needs to be non tiered and non filtered. I don't want the government wasting resources going after people on behalf of the MPAA or RIAA. If those organizations feel wronged then they should pursue it in the civil courts. Wasting the time of cops for that sort of thing is ridiculous.

Abortion is legal. Leave it be. It has existed since ancient times and really most of that time it was just an understood fact of life. Get over it.

The governments job is more than just as a place holder. It is there to help us all. It is not meant to be survival of the fittest. It is meant to help us all a little or a lot as needs demand. It is not supposed to be a crutch but it is going to help those who have fallen down to get up. It should help the elderly who have problems providing for themselves. It should provide education to everyone who wants it. It should encourage and support the growth of science and exploration. It should protect us from the deprivations of our own baser natures and promote our own better angels.

Space exploration is important. It is the future stupid. We either take the place in the lead or look forward to being passengers to the bonanza that is there waiting for us.

Iraq is a fraking train wreck. It was one of the dumbest things we could have done. People who talk about victory there are delusional. It is a mire of blood and fire. The problem is there is no simple answer to how to fix it now. Afghanistan was required. It had to be done. Sadly the one we should have done, is the one we are letting slip the most. In the end a simple pull out of either place will create more problems than it will solve. Much as I hate it, on this one thing McCain is correct. To do it right we may have to face 50 years of occupation. We wont and I know that, but by leaving we will open ourselves to a whole new generation of enemies we created.

Taxes are not evil. Some times they are needed. The only thing you can do is make sure the taxes are distributed across the spectrum based on means. Yes I do believe the wealthy should bear a greater burden of the tax than the poor. I am against the "fair tax". The numbers just don't playout and it would not pay for the level of government we need to actually have it work at all.

The environment is not about saving the planet. It is about saving folks on it. Global warming is going to cause humanitarian disasters before it is done. We have to have clean air and water to live. This is a no brainer. Stop arguing and get serious about it.

I am against the death penalty. I think it is wrong for the state to kill people for a very simple reason. Just because a group of people were involved does not mean they could not get it wrong. I would rather 100 guilty men live out their lives in prison than have one person die by mistake.

Homosexuality or any sexuality between consenting adults should not be treated like it is perversion. I get it may not be your cup of tea. But if two men or two women want to marry, let them. You really have two options here. Abolish all government sanctioning of marriage in general as it is a religious and cultural institution instead of a governmental one OR remove all your religious bias against it from the government and allow anyone under the law to be married no matter their preference.

That is most of my basic political beliefs. I can get in to finer points here and there but those are the major issues.

As to arguing politics, as long as it is civil I will discussion pretty much any political subject you want. As long as I am not busy with work or something of course.