September 8th, 2008

a nice day.

So shieldhaven and I have been sparring pretty regularly for a while now at a nearby park. We occasionally are joined by Michael and Tina, Cat and Jake and a few others. We were doing it on Thursdays and decided to move it this week to Mondays due to a scheduling conflict. We were out there today with Rabbit(she who is made of win) and Brandon. What was different in the park on Mondays was the presence of apparently a local high school track team.

The boys were mildly stand offish lets say and maybe a little bit of heckling but nothing bad. I am a bit self concious about such things but I had almost sort of forgotten they were there. The coach of the team seemed impressed by us actually.. but that is not the story.

The story is this. A pack of teenage girls walked up as I rested with Rabbit after a bout and asked what this was called and what it was like. I told them it was called larping. They asked if it was like a sport. I said some parts of it are but that it was more of a thing we do for leisure and fun. I explained it was based on medieval combat. I did not want to get into the whole explaining thing just then. Then they asked if they could check out my glaive. I told them sure. They asked where they could find info I pointed them online. The collective opinion though amongst the 13 or 15 girls was it was really cool and they wanted to know more about it.

that pretty much made my day. It was a simple thing but it made me happy. Having a bunch of teenagers alone thinking what we do is cool is nice enough. It makes me feel less like an old man at least, but it was a bunch of teenage girls. Getting guys into this kind of thing is usually an easy sale, it was nice seeing it go the other way for a change.

that's all.

well also being described by one of our newer sparing partners as "fast" and "unrelenting" or even "Juggernaut like" did not hurt either.


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weight is being extra variable lately. Oh well. Working out in the morning and sparing this evening gave me a good burn today. I am not in anything like shape yet but I am getting there.

a side note. I have an event this weekend. No internet there. Then I have Austin GDC. starting friday my posting daily totals may go on hiatus for a bit I may be able to at GDC but I am not assuming I will. In either case I will be running pretty ragged. hopefully burn off quite a bit. that is the plan. King's gate by dent of how such things work out I will need to take a bit more than normal calorie count due to the insane amount of activity. If I don't i will get sick. i will however try and stay sane and not go completely crazy.

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