September 10th, 2008

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stolen from io9. Original article found here.

Take a drink of your favorite beverage whenever one of the following occurs:

* A proton crosses the border between Switzerland and France.

* A magnet quench in a superconducting magnet causes all the liquid helium to boil away.

* A Higgs boson is detected (2 drinks).

* Scientists learn the secrets of the universe and go insane (2 drinks).

* A miniature black hole forms (2 drinks if it absorbs Switzerland).

* Strange matter is created (weird, unusual or eccentric matter doesn't count).

* A petabyte of data is generated.

* Someone sings the chorus of the LHC Rap.

* The Super Proton Synchrotron reaches 300 gigavolts (2 drinks if it hits 400 GeV).

* The Compact Muon Solenoid finds something that completely alters our understanding of the fundamental forces of the universe.

* Flight 19 suddenly appears over Geneva.

* Particle superpartners are found to have natural supersymmetry.

* An intern confuses muons with gluons.

* The experiment goes awry and someone ends up with superpowers.

* Aliens show up and make us turn off the LHC before we implode reality.

* Scientists go back in time (2 drinks if they create a paradox).

* Someone says "Big Bang."

* Particles crash into each other (2 drinks if there are Batman-tyle visual sound effects, like "Pow!" and "Zap!" when it happens; feel free to construct your own).

* Someone says, "What's a hadron?"

* Scientists access another dimension (2 drinks if that dimension is occupied entirely by Donna Summer impersonators; 3 drinks if denizens of said dimension eat the scientists; note that these two conditions are not mutually exclusive).

* Someone on TV questions the amount of money spent to build the LHC.

* Someone on TV worries that the LHC will destroy the world.

* The world ends (drink whatever you have left).

* Scientists prove string theory (3 drinks because we'll all pretty much have to take their word for it).

* Someone uses the term "beam pipe" in a pickup line.


1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose name starts with that letter and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

djfanboy gave me "Q"

Q- The classic godlike trickster character in Star Trek next Generation. He is a character which at first I did not care for as it seemed a little ham handed but as time went on he grew on me. He reminds me a lot of Loki and few other mythological gods. The fact is often they do more good in their tricks than people realize. He is like and they got to play with some weighty notions at times using him.

Quinn Mallory- Good old Quinn from sliders. He was in a lot of ways a very simple character. He is a geek. He has his obsessions only for him it is wormhole physics and gets caught up in problems on different worlds. The only problem with the guy is he really does not seem overly worried about much of anything. He is a laid back sort of guy.

The Question-Now this guy is awesome. The original was a guy named Vic Sage. He was a crusading reporter in his day job and the faceless Question by night. The awesome of this guy is at heart he is a philosophical hero. He is human. He has a couple nick knacks and odd things but no where as many toys as say Batman. In the comics the previous Question has died and the current one is a former gotham police detective name Montoya. Another solidly awesome character. When the Question was added to the line up of the Justice League cartoon they emphasized his sort of paranoid nature. He was pitch perfect played by Jeffery Combs. As an added note, I would love to have this character appear in a pendant fan audio production.

Quasar- Wendell Vaughn in marvel comics was quasar. He was a protector of the Universe but in the end his powers and delivery was very Green Lantern esqu. He is one of a small number of Cosmic heroes in marvel and I kind of liked him though he was not a fav. He died recently and someone else has picked up the quantum bands and the mantel. Of course in comics no one stays dead so he may be back. After all he also had the power of the star brand for while too.

Quark- Star Trek DS9's resident bartender and trouble maker. He was one I was not certain I would like but grew on me. He was played pitch perfect by Armin Shimmerman. He was the right balance to make him shady but not unlikeable