September 21st, 2008

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Okay a friend posted the link to this and thought I would share. Being a West Wing fan and an Obama fan I found this truely awesome. Aaron Sorkin writing a meeting between Jed Bartlet(the president on west wing) and Barak Obama. I should warn there is a rant in there where not everything said is accurate. That said it is a really great exchange and I could so see it in my mind.

Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet

Published: September 20, 2008

Now that he’s finally fired up on the soup-line economy, Barack Obama knows he can’t fade out again. He was eager to talk privately to a Democratic ex-president who could offer more fatherly wisdom — not to mention a surreptitious smoke — and less fraternal rivalry. I called the “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin (yes, truly) to get a read-out of the meeting. This is what he wrote:
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Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

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