September 30th, 2008

science, Dr.Quest


So my grandfather is in the hospital. I just read the email from mom on this.

"He was having back and abdominal pain Sunday afternoon/evening/night and finally went to the doctor on Monday morning. The doctor sent him straight to the hospital. Xrays showed an extremely enlarged stomach, the largest the surgeon had ever seen. The have drained it with a naso-gastric tube and are doing tests to see where the blockage is and decide what to do about it. He is also apparently passing blood in his urine. Since he is on blood thinners, this is not a good thing."

Those who pray, say one for him. Those who don't keep him in your thoughts if you will. He is is a tough old man but he is getting on in years and has had a lot of health problems over the past few years. I worry.
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