October 13th, 2008

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A TED conference talk a few years ago on the Project Orion. Some really interesting stuff. Project Orion was a plan to have a spaceship powered by nuclear explosions. Interestingly enough I first heard of this from my grandparents when I was in college in the 90's.

and another post of the interesting.

Dark Roasted blend is a great place for pictures of the bizarre and sublime. This one article is awesome as it is a series of photos taken on this one island off the coast of Yemen. The plant life there is so utterly alien that you would think you were on the wrong planet if you came across them. Last nights Trail of Cthulhu game inspired me to post this.


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To those of you who advocate not voting or don't care. To those who state their vote does not matter.

The thing is the model you have described is based on the notion that the will of the individual is irrelevant to group decisions. When the civil rights movement happened was it the act of a group which changed the political scene or the collection of individuals making a choice? The will of groups cannot work with out the individual minds making choices. Would it be better if more people paid attention to how they make their choices? Hells yeah. We can't guarantee people on mass will. All we can be responsible for is our own act of will.

One way which we can encourage people think more about their vote is to convince they have to vote. Not all of them will think about it but maybe some more will. It is moot. The important part is people take responsibility for their collective will. If everyone in the country decided Kenneth Hite should be president then he would. It is all a matter of individual will translating to group action.

Now that said, should someone divorce themselves from the exercise of their individual will in collective decisions of the people, then they believe they have divorced themselves of the weight of those decisions reached. This is a false notion. By not participating in the collective decisions then they are as responsible for the decision reached as the people who supported it. You have in fact by default agreed to those decisions whatever they may be.

Translation. If you don't vote, then you deserve what you receive and make yourself irrelevant. I am not irrelevant. I choose to vote and to exercise my will. If the rest of America votes another way then well that sucks but at least I can say I did my part. If I did not vote then my bitching about the status of things is really pointless. I got what I chose by not voting.

my .02

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I did not post for a few days. That is not good. partly it was some stress stuff but thats and excuse in the end so nothing for it but toi pick up again and keep it from happening again.

Today was going to be good and really I was but I did eat out. I had to go to dinner with friends tonight. At some point as an experiment in self control I will go out to one of these dinners and order a salad. Still it was good food and good people so no complaints.

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