October 15th, 2008

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Grandpa update time.

Grandpa is still int he hospital. The lung problem is still there but it is not Tuberculosis. His heart rhythm is back to "normal". He has also been stubborn as hell. He has been on hunger strike for the past couple of days. He hates being in the hospital and refused to eat so long as he was stuck there. They finally relented today. They were signing him out everything looked good. Then he passed out in the bathroom before he could get ready to leave. So he is staying for another day.

Not surprisingly he is apparently. looking very weak and rough right now. He is still down to 34% lung usage. They have told him he cannot drink any more due to the medication they want to give him. Grandpa is an unabashed drunk(alcoholics go to meetings) and he has pretty much refused to stop drinking. This has lead mom and others in the family to believe he is not long to this world. I don't know. Grandpa is still one of the toughest old men I know but there is only so long you can go.

I am pretty depressed about this. Grandpa is one of those stars by which my life is guided. A fixed point in my world which reminds me where I am in the world. Admittedly he is an angry grumpy star, but you get the idea.

Why cant reality obey my whims.
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