October 16th, 2008

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Hey folks.

I did a reading for the Broken Sea Audio's Halloween project. This story is Suzi Polenski's Panties. It is a zombie story. It is despite the title mostly work safe. It is a horror story though so bear that in mind.


Give it a listen.

Edit: Revision. This is mostly work safe content wise though there are a few bits of cursing which may not be safe depending on your work place.

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Grandpa update.

Grandpa is home. He immediately had a couple of drinks despite being told not to drink. He has been lying down. He did eat some steak which is good cause he is anemic. He has apparently decided to not take one of his meds. That is grandpa. According to mom he may have some GI bleeding. They can't operate safely anyway as his lung function is so poor. He is resting comfortably and in better spirits though.

Mom is in Oak Ridge visiting. She got to look houses while there and seems to have seen at least one she likes. Herb apparently got to show her around. She should be going back sunday if all goes well.

That is what going on so far.

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Not much to say. I am feeling kind of depressed right now so I guess my hearts not in it. I am trying not too be but some days it is harder than others.

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