November 12th, 2008

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So Fred Hicks, AKA drivingblind posted this and I am sharing. It is a cool product line for one thing and for another my old buddy(and many of yours) comic_monkey also helped on this product. Check it out. It is a product line of small bite sized 4th edition D&D with a pulp jungle adventures feel to it. Apelords, witchdoctors, and undead. What is not to love?

Okay, so, I couldn't wait. :)

The next One Bad Egg product will be Gods of the Shroud, a 30-page PDF covering the 13 gods of the Shroud worldseed, their beliefs, associated monsters and magic items, and including 16 new ways to channel divinity.

I'm targeting next week for its release.

In the meantime, please enjoy this free preview of the product, containing three gods -- the Bone Witch, the Gleaming Eye, and the Pale Wanderer. You can pick it up here:

If you're a fan of One Bad Egg's stuff, we could use your help. To help us drum up interest, please do post on your blogs and forums (new topics instead of attached to existing ones are better) telling folks where to find this!