November 26th, 2008

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Grandma is home. She is weak and tired but home. The thanksgiving preparations are being done by mom this year. I think I will avoid the kitchen like the plague. I like keeping my limbs after all.

Had dinner with friends last night. It was loud and fun.

I listened to an audiobook on the way down called Dies The Fire by S. M. Sterling. It is a post apok story but a weird one. The society killer in this case is all electrical devices working and all gun powder as well. No vehicles or guns essentially. They don't actually explain what causes this. It is a what if kind of thing. The heroes of the story is a former marine pilot who was flying a family on the night it happened and a Wiccan Celtic musician. A lot of the point of the story is one familiar to me which is all those hobbies people have maintaining antiquated skills become real damn useful when society fails. Essentially the two groups of heroes use old world skills like archery, armorsmithing, medieval combat, horse riding, farming and the like to beat the various bad guys. It is a little too wow this Wicca stuff is great, but not terribly so. It is like having a strongly christian character in a book where the Christians are the good guys. I may check out the future books in the series.

I have started Captain Alatriste, but I am having a hard time getting into it. Something about the writing style is kind of making it hard for me to get into the story itself. I will finish it though.

Hope everyone has a good thanksgiving tomorrow.

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So the news tonight out of India is sad. It appears someone went with a decentralized terrorist attack this time and attack few different places all at once. There is nothing but confusion and death coming out of there but it appears they are targeting the westerners and either killing them or trying to kidnap them.

I guess be thankful you are not there and keep the victims in your thoughts.