December 1st, 2008

as per the Generals meme

Okay this Icon is easy. I love Bogart. He is the classic icon of the thinking tough guy. I guess I just wanted to channel some of that cool. I also like it for when I post about movies.

Cowboy Beebop is pretty amazing. IT says much that even people who don't generally like anime like Beebop. The Spike and Vicious icon is just a utilitarian icon which I don't use much any more. I suppose it sort of demonstrates my love for geeky things.

Jack Kerouac is who is in the picture. I LOVED On the Road when I read it. I mainly use this icon when posting poetry or maybe general writing or a post about writing. Something I suppose I should post more often.

This is the famous last words icon. It is the famous last words of characters on a dungeon crawl. I like this for a general gaming icon. I should use it more often.

This is the Playing for Keeps support icon. I used this one to raise awareness of a friend and fellow podcaster's book of the same name. It worked out well for her as she scored quite high on the rankings. Mur Lafferty is made of win it seems.

Avon of Blake7 fame. The character is pretty much a man who wants desperately to be a villain half the time but something always draws him into doing the right thing(well mostly). I use it alot when posting on other peoples boards about truly geeky things.

hey kids... another show I am in.


Original artwork by Kristen Bays for Pendant Productions

Episode 28 - "The Hypogean Grotto"

Dixie runs for her life as the Battalion tracks the beast. A villain returns to power, and a new hero emerges!

"Umket Industries Presents: The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater" is a serialized, full-cast audio adventure with one new episode every month. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

Also featuring an audio commentary track with the director and writer!

iTunes link:

Podcast feed:

Download link:

Featuring the voice talents of:

Rene Christine Jones as Dixie Stenberg
Mark Zaricor as Frank McGuff
Steve Anderson as Reginald Billingsley
Jeremiah McCoy as Archibald Withersby
Pete Milan as Freudenberg
Scott Vinnacombe as Cornelius Robert Sims Pearson
Anthony Piselli as Joey Scalzetti
Chris Brittain as Thomas Galen
Perry Whittle as Benedikt Adarchenko
Alicia Laine Matheson as Lily LaRue
Alicia Marie Barton as Esmerelda
Kathryn Pryde as Geist
Justin Daube as Volker
Philip Weber as SCAR Trooper 1
David Ault as SCAR Trooper 2
Elaine Barrett as the Robot
Amanda Fitzwater as Nebulon 2000
Kristen Bays as the Umket Triplets
Jerry Crawford as The Dean
R. Francis Smith as Sam the butcher
Abner Senires as Jacques the baker
Abner Senires as Harry the CEO
Jeffrey Bridges as the Commercial Announcer
And Seth Adam Sher as your host

Written by by Jeffrey Bridges
Directed by Seth Adam Sher
Cover art by Kristen Bays
Produced by Pendant Productions

Thanks for listening!