December 9th, 2008

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So Leverage....

I caught the pilot of this show on TNT. The premise of the show is that of a group of career criminals, grifters and one former insurance investigator pursue getting payback from corporate bad guys. It is not that far off of some previous shows. Hell in it's own way it is the formula of the A-Team. A group of shady experts go around standing up for the little guy while never being so bad as to be shady. Yeah I have seen it a dozen times before.

The problem is, it is not terrible. The various actors are actually entertaining to watch. They have the actress who played Mrs. Jackman on the BBC show Jekyll being the ultimate con artist actress. You have Christian Kane who used to be a villain on the show Angel playing the muscle rather convincingly. There is a new guy playing the hacker on the team but he is he has a relaxed geeky cool to him. The cat burglar and also the obligatory nut job is another one I have not seen before, she is okay but there was not enough screen time with her to be interesting yet. It is all headed up by Timothy Hutton as the former straight and narrow who heads up the group.

The pilot has rough spots. The intro to our team lead is ham handed as a first time game master running a cyberpunk game, The villain suffers from stupid villain syndrome and the plot is pretty thin. Also Timothy Hutton does not seem to really commit yet.

That said when they are actually doing the heist and con job stuff it is pretty entertaining. Everything is done with confidence and flourish. When they are not trying to force some scenes it is really actually pretty entertaining. I am going to keep grabbing the show for a while and see how it progresses. No show really hits its stride till the 5th episode or so. I am hoping it shapes into the show I think it can be.