December 18th, 2008

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Majel Barett Roddenberry died today.

I like many people heard this womans voice for years as the voice of star treks computers. She was an actress and a producer. She was the only actor to be in all 6 incarnations of star trek if only as the voice in some of them. She was truly an interesting woman by all accounts and is deserving a raised glass. May she rest in peace.

A few reasons why Pushing Daisies is genius.

Lilly: It is probably a hold over from their viking heritage. It would be difficult to rape and pillage with the subtlety of a humanist.

Emerson: Oh look at that. A dumb idea just found a friend.

Chuck: Oh, you can cry, that's okay.
Emerson: It is not okay for a grown-ass man to weep in public with a bunch of happy families enjoying pie. If you can't hold it, you take your ass to the men's room and cry in private on the toilet… like a man!
Dusty: I need to use the men's room.

Olive: I spent so much time praying, I've run out of things to say. I'm having awkward silences with God!

Narrator: Digging to Arabia would be easy. Head to the center of the earth, then turn right.

Emerson: Here I was just about to tell you all to shut the hell up, and then you stopped talking so I didn't have to.

Emerson: What's with the shotgun?
Lily: Military salute.
Emerson: For Dwight Dixon?
Lily: For Charles. But if I happen to miss and blow Dwight's head off, purely by accident, well, that's something my lawyers can pretty much sort out later.

This show is awesome for its dialog as much as anything else. It is a damn shame that it is not being carried on for another season.

A request.

For those still in the Knoxville area. My mom is getting her furniture in tomorrow. Now the movers will be helping with the big stuff. and getting it in, but the rest of the stuff she may need help with. Mom is not as young as she once was so I am asking for any body who has the time this weekend to help out to comment here or email me so I can get you moms contact info. I am given to understand those who help will be provided with food and drinkage. They will also receive my thanks.