January 9th, 2009

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Grand parents update.

I think mom covers it better than I can so here is a quote from her.

"I was too busy to post yesterday. Dad thought he was coming home, but we were pretty sure that he wasn't. His haemoglobin had dropped a little bit from the previous day. While not in the transfusion range, a drop from 11 to 10 in 24 hours is worthy of note. He called last night to say that he wouldn't be coming home today either. They have decided to do another endoscopy, this time to try to clean up some areas of 'dysplasia' in his duodenum (the first bit of intestine after the stomach). I really doubt that this is causing any significant blood loss, but I guess they are just trying to cover all of their bases.

The reason I was too busy yesterday to post is because Mum is sick now, too, do I had to take her to the doctor. It's nothing seriously life-threatening (just a UTI) but it has her as weak as a kitten. Today I had to take her to the eye doctor today as she was experiencing severe pain in her right eye. She has had a retinal bleed their in the past, so was extremely concerned about it. The eye doctor thinks she probably has a sinus infection, but the medicine that she is taking for the UTI should take care of that too, so no further treatment is required."

more grandpa update.

To further add info. Grandpa had nine area's in his gut that they had to cauterize due to bleeding. He is apparently in worse shape now. He had some problems with the anesthesia due to blown vein. He has had few breathing treatments for serious problems in breathing. Probably pneumonia. The steroids are making him crankier than usual. mom is worried and grandma is very sad.

sigh. Damn it.