January 11th, 2009

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Just got in from the vampire game in Greensboro. It was actually quite enjoyable. A nice parlor larp from time to time hits the spot.

The interesting thing this evening was not actually the game, despite it being fun. This evening I gave a lift to someone to the game. You ever meet someone that talking to falls into the nice even rhythm of an old friend? You don't know them, but it feels like you do? It feels like you have known them for decades, but you only just met them? That was what tonight was like. I have had that a few times. Sometimes they stick around and you see them all the time. The fit into your life they had always been there. Other times they wander off and you never see them again.

The young lady I met tonight was like that. It was like talking to an old friend. Sadly of course I meet her tonight and she is moving to Philly in a week. That is the way things go sometimes. We showed up in Greensboro way early and so we spent the time talking over hot chocolate. It is one of the more pleasant conversations I have ever had.

Lest someone gets the wrong idea, nothing really romantic is meant or intended. She is an very attractive woman to be sure but it was not that kind of thing. It was just a nice friendly and comfortable talk. Sometimes that is just what you really need.

Goodnight Holly.

We should stay in touch.


A brief note before bed.

Grandpa is still in the hospital but not doing as poorly as he was. He still has pneumonia and the hemoglobin count has dropped since yesterday. He will probably not be out tomorrow either given these problems. Mom says he is grumpy. This is like saying the stone is hard, but I am given to understand he is grumpier than usual.

And now to bed.