January 15th, 2009

An open letter.

It seems life sometimes looses track of things. All the dancing fools we are and we get lost in the crowd. Familiar faces are no longer there and sometimes fade. A smile and hug once familiar now becomes a memory from another life. Somewhere that person is still there. In another reality, your still there laughing.

I guess I am melancholy. Don't take that as a sign of regret. I made the choices I did for reasons and now I am here. I like my life, but sometimes I remember. I remember the way it felt to talk for hours. I remember the jokes and laughs. I remember you. In traveling through life, the current has taken us apart. Know that I remember and miss you my friend. If the world were different I would have you here with me.

Sometimes we forget to say that.

love and friendship

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I have been thinking of this song lately.   You should listen to it.  It is originally by Leonard Cohen, but this version works for me.

Jonathan Coulton-Famous Blue Raincoat

Note. This is a creative commons song released by Jonathan Coulton. You should so go buy it from his website or in iTunes or where ever you can. He is awesome.