January 19th, 2009

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Quick update.

Did not keep track of calories this weekend but did not go crazy with that. It is harder keep on diet and on track on a road trip. Weighed in a 412.3 though which is a drop. I will be posting calorie count today though. I need to get some multivitamin supplements. Any one got some suggestions?

Grandpa is doing a little better. He is not great though. He is still in the hospital until they are certain there are no more problems.

Other than stressing about grandpa it was a good weekend. Got to have some fun at KG on saturday. More stuff going on there than I can really cover in a short post but it was good. Got in some good hanging out time. I may be getting too old to be doing the monster routine for three children. I am more sore from that than I might have been from a full weekend larp.