January 23rd, 2009

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I am a political process and news junkie. I have found some good sites for finding out the who is who behind whats going on. Wikipedia is great and I love it but there are some more focused places.

http://whorunsgov.com/ is a site built around showing you who runs our government. It is intended to be a moderated wiki. Right now the editors are the only ones creating and editing profiles but when they reach an implimentation point it will open up to members to do some contributions. I found their profiles to be really informative.

http://www.politicalbase.com is pretty good as well. It started during the run up before the election but it seems to be transitioning nicely into a general politics site. It has a section where they list major issues. If you select an issue they will give you an overview of the history involved, the different points of view, and the major players in an issue and their individual positions. It is really a very informative site.

http://www.newsvine.com/ is a news aggregation site. It works pretty well in that role. it is like CNN.com or some other sites in that it lists different areas of the news and you can look at all the stories there. The presentation is more slick though and they pull from just about every major news source out there. What makes this site kind of satisfying are the discussions. Each story has its own discussion thread and the discussions can be as informative as the stories sometimes. It is not a perfect site but it is pretty good.

http://www.google.com/reader is an addiction of mine. Most major sites these days have an rss feed that will update when the site updates. If you copy and past that feed into Google Reader then you will get all the news delivered to a central site which you can check from any browser. I have 41 feeds going into mine. This includes a couple of MMO news sites, BBC, Reuters, the Wizards of the Coast, io9, Neil Gaiman, Will Wheaton, National Geographic and Wired to name a few. I can't pay as much attention to it at work as i do at home but really this is how I keep track of a lot of news without watching tv or constantly visiting dozens of sites.

Oh well I am off to work. Just thought I would share my info obsession.

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There are two things i wish I could be doing this weekend.

The first is go see a friends short film in a movie festival. That is so cool. I wish I could go but it is not in the cards.

The second is Chattacon. It has been a few years and I kind of miss it doing the con scene and Chattacon in particular. Again not in the cards. Oh well, there will be other times where I can do the stuff I want so no complaints overall.