March 21st, 2009

BSG final

There will be many who try and analyze and tear this apart. I will probably think more when I have slept, but for now I loved it. It gave me an ending. It gave me an ending in keeping with the show. It gave me an ending that said something. We are often bombarded in scifi by the action. Much sound and fury meaning nothing is out there to be had. The glory about scifi though is it can be more than that. It can say something about us that we often cant come out and say ourselves.

Say what you will. Even with the few stumbles and missteps here and there, BSG was always a little above the big guns and hard asses. It made me care about the people. It asked people to look at things from a new place and when it came time to end, it gave me what I wanted. An ending with some meaning and some closure for the characters I have come to love. There is still the sound and fury. No need to worry. It was a good end. I am glad I saw it.

Now to bed.

"All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again"