June 6th, 2009

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I went to the old SI forums today for no real good reason. I think it came up when I was looking for larp pics. I had forgotten how much I missed that game. If Ian Lemke said he was running it again I would cheer. I miss that world, that game and the people who played. I know I still see some of the people who played but not all of them.

Just saying.

I miss Shattered Isles.

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Tomorrows plan involves sitting down with a print out of my book so far and going over it. I am doing this on the recommendation of the talented Mrs. Lafferty. I fell off the writing wagon for a while as work got crazier. That combined with getting frustrated with the point I was at in the book led me to set it aside. I wrote couple of short stories and flash fiction pieces during that time but not on the novel. It has been more than a few months now and I want to get in there and finish the damned thing just so I can say I finished. I don't care if it never gets published I just want to finish it.*

Mur suggested that I should print it out and read it and make notes on changes. Note this is not editing for spelling and grammar. Just notes on things you should add and or remove. I am going to go somewhere tomorrow and read it all afternoon. Hopefully it should help me get back into the story so I can continue. I may also try outlining which was another of her suggestions.

Speaking of Mur,** she has released the first chapter of the last book in her Heaven series. It is called War . You should go listen to it. If you have not listened to the rest of the series you should do that first. What is it about? The series is about the two friends who die and make it to heaven. That is just the beginning of the story. Only the thing is, they find they can't be satisfied with eternal happiness. They go from travelers through the various after lives, to being the harbingers of doom. And that is just the beginning. I really liked this series and I recommend it to everyone.

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*of course I care. I am not stupid. It is just not as important.

**Did you see that transition there? I should so be in media.