July 6th, 2009

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There is now an application which you can install which will allow you to twitter from within World of Warcraft. What happens when you combine two addictive behaviors?

Its features include

* Send/receive Tweets in-game (Immediate sending reloads your UI)
* Queue Tweets to send when it's more convenient for you
* Upload in-game screenshots using TwitPic
* AutoTweet when you log in, enter an instance or get an achievement
* Extensible so that AddOn authors can register messages or events to AutoTweet

This is a brilliant idea. How could you not love this? If it involved the delivery of Heroine then it may be the perfect tool for disabling millions. I think I shall download it later.

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A friend of mine mentioned this series when we gaming this weekend. It is called Gold. The premise is what if Gaming was a sport. What if D&D was treated as a tournament on the level of professional athletics. What you end up is a tongue in cheek look at gaming done as sports film. It is very drive and done with no clear "audience laughs here" beats to it. I like it of course. This is the prelude to the series and the first season only had 6 episodes so far. They are gearing up and trying to get support to do a season two. As far as web produced series goes this show is Top Shelf in quality and I recommend giving it a look.