July 16th, 2009

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A brief non spoiler potter thoughts.

First I have read the books but usually I can ignore the source and just enjoy the film on its merits. I do so in this case. I wont go on about what the stuff they left out. What i will say as a film it is a little confused. There are several story lines going on and even at 2 and half hours it felt like it needed more time to tell the tale. The stories that are there are good stories if only they had taken the time to flesh them out. The film would have been better if they had left all the quidditch out of this one and concentrated on showing more of whats going on with the characters.

That said. I liked the film a lot. The visuals were about as good as they could possibly and actually subtle at points. The actors were actually quite good. The standout actually is the guy who plays Malfoy who is for a change not a 2 dimensional cut out. He does a lot with the screen time he is given. The three main leads were solid and looked like they were comfortable with each other. Pretty much everyone was on and knew there business. My only real complaint is there seemed too much story crammed into be shown in the few scenes we have.