July 17th, 2009

The voice of the way things were is quiet now.

For my part it is interesting that to my mom's generation, and to a lesser extent my grandparents and my genreations this man was the voice of news to an extent. There was a time when people would think to do a news caster impression this was the man they imitated. He kind of represented a time when we trusted the newsmen on tv to tell us some truth. Raise a glass to the man.


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite, whose authoritative delivery of news events from the John F. Kennedy assassination to the Apollo moon landing and Vietnam War, made him "the most trusted man in America," died on Friday at age 92.

Cronkite died in New York after an illness, CBS said. His family issued a statement weeks ago that he had been suffering for some years with cerebrovascular disease and was not expected to recuperate.

His death coincided with the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, which took the first astronauts to the moon. Cronkite was a passionate chronicler of the space program and anniversary celebrations of Apollo 11 have featured frequent rebroadcasts of his coverage of the historic moon landing.

another production I am in if only briefly in this one.

Once Upon a Time in Vegas, chapter 23!


Original art by Julie Lindsey for Pendant Productions.

Once Upon a Time in Vegas, chapter 23 - "The Last Ball"

Friends reunite, Teri's time is running out and Ginger snares Chloe into a trap!

"Once Upon a Time in Vegas" is a full-cast, fantasy maxi-series serial drama. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

Also available -- a commentary track with the director and co-writers!

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Featuring the voice talents of:

Lexy Rawle as Chloe
Ara Pelodi as Ginger
David Ault as Jeff
Rene Christine Jones as Tessa
Marleigh Norton as Abby
Jeremiah McCoy as Robert
Kristen Bays as Mea
Philip Weber as Philip
Perry Whittle as Allen
Jeffrey Bridges as Danny
William Raymer as Dennis
Pete Milan as Hector
Tipp Callier as the makeup artist
Mark Zaricor as the passerby
Kathryn Pryde as desperate woman 1
Alicia Laine Matheson as desperate woman 2
and Megan Pressley as desperate woman 3

Written by Alicia Laine Matheson and Rene Christine Jones
Directed by Alicia Laine Matheson
Assistant Director Mark Zaricor
Edited by Marleigh Norton
Original music composed by Kevin McLeod
Cover art by Julie Lindsey
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

http://www.pendantaudio.com <http://www.pendantaudio.com>
http://www.easily-distracted.net <http://www.easily-distracted.net>

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