August 23rd, 2009

Clockwork Ball

So i went to the Clockwork Ball last night with some partners in crime. The Clockwork Ball is a triangle area steampunk gathering. It was held last night at a club in Chapel Hill and much fun was had by all. I blame Rabbit for convincing me and thank her for the loan of gear to look appropriate. I am of course a fan of the steampunk aesthetic. I saw some folks who were fun to talk if ever so briefly. There are certainly some people I have met in the area who I kind of wish I knew better but a crowded, hot and loud club is not the best place to have a functional conversation. I met some new people as well who seemed very cool. I will hopefully catch up with them again at Dragoncon.

I briefly mat the darling Davenport sisters, Emmett & Klaude. I found out there was local radio show with steampunk focus that hey host called the Clockwork Cabaret. The music selection is remarkably eclectic and fun. Everything from Pirates of Penzance to Kate Bush to Dr Steel. Here is a little ditty I discovered while listening to one of the shows. It is now on my podcast rotation.

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