September 24th, 2009


So you know how there all sorts of things your going to eventually do?  You know, the great American novel your going to write, that screenplay, or that Adonis(or Aphrodite) like physique your going to cut out out for yourself?  There are so many things that stand in your way.

Work is just too busy.

I have been too sick.

I have been traveling.

Family has gotten in the way.

We all have them.  That little shield that stands between us and the things we give lip service that we want to do.   They are often all quite true.   That does not make them any less excuses though.  Sometimes they are not even convincing to ourselves, but we throw them up none the less.   How many times have you dodged on writing that story you have to play a game or watch some TV?

Ultimately there is nothing wrong with the things that get in the way….to a point.  Life happens.   You do get sick.  Family does get in the way.   These things happen.  The difference though between someone who succeeds at the things they want to do and those people who just talk about it is that when life happens they pick up and start again.  They don’t just fall down and point to all the things that made you fall.  You deal with it and then you get back to the work of making your dreams happen.

This is a lesson I occasionally forget.  I have been thinking about this fact this past week. I have fallen down for a while now on a few fronts.  I have decided to try and get back to those things I have said I wanted.   I have decided that instead of adding more things to eat up time I should maybe refocus on the import projects I have let rest to long or decide those projects are not that important.  Writing and podcasting are indeed important to me.  If that means I don’t join a couple of games which I am sure i would enjoy but would take more of the time I have left after work and sleep, well then I will not take those games up.   If that means I plan on spending most of my sunday writing then that is what I will do.  Time to stop avoiding things and get back to work.

Maybe I will remember to keep it up this time.

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