October 5th, 2009

Another fine production I was in.

Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion episode 37!


Original artwork by Kristen Bays for Pendant Productions

Episode 37 - "The Rattling Return"

Withersby unveils a cryptic mission, while Geist's power shifts radically and Dixie braves a moment that will change her life!

"Umket Industries Presents: The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater" is a serialized, full-cast audio adventure with one new episode every month. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

Also featuring an audio commentary track with the director and writer!

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And ALSO AVAILABLE from the Pendant Store:
Season One of "Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion" on audio CD!
Produced from the original master mixes with over five hours of
content, including exclusive bonus features!


Featuring the voice talents of:

Rene Christine Jones as Dixie Stenberg
Mark Zaricor as Frank McGuff
Steve Anderson as Reginald Billingsley
Jeremiah McCoy as Archibald Withersby
Pete Milan as Freudenberg
Scott Vinnacombe as Cornelius Robert Sims Pearson
Anthony Piselli as Joey Scalzetti
Chris Brittain as Thomas Galen
Perry Whittle as Benedikt Adarchenko
Alicia Laine Matheson as Lily LaRue
Andrea Fontenot as Francine
Kathryn Pryde as Geist
Justin Daube as Volker
Mike Winters as Radulf Pelzer
Ara Pelodi as Ursula Unger
David Alexander McDonald as Walther Falkenstein
Philip Weber as SCAR Trooper 1
David Ault as SCAR Trooper 2
Kristen Bays as the Umket Triplets
Bill Young as the Amazing Nowell
M Sieiro Garcia as Miss Fortune Divine
M Sieiro Garcia as Neve
Ryan Pickens as Robot 153
Amanda Fitzwater as Nebulon 2000
Jeffrey Bridges as the Commercial Announcer
and Seth Adam Sher as your host

Written by Jeffrey Bridges
Directed by Seth Adam Sher
Assistant Director Jim Hamilton
Edited by Chris Brittain
Cover art by Kristen Bays
Produced by Pendant Productions


Thanks for listening!